Thursday, July 31, 2014

Improvements In Office Web Apps With Real Time Android Support

Very recently, Office web apps were developed into Microsoft’s file hosting services known as OneDrive. This allows users to access the Microsoft Office suite applications such as OneNote, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

This feature is almost same like the Google Drive service, except that the interface is similar to the one used in the desktop version. This online program is also available for iPad and Windows 8 tablets. You can get more information on the same via Windows Live help center.

There were announcements regarding the latest features of Office 365 on the tech support blog. The different features noted are supposed to improve the Office apps in many different ways. It also highlights that the advancements include support for Android tablets.

You will be able to use the Office Web App on your Android tablet, if you are using Google Chrome browser on your tablet. Users who want to use this functionality on their Android devices can do it with the help of the Google Chrome browser, but it needs few requisites like a Microsoft account. Service for the last huge tablet operating systems is added to the list of support as well.

The latest update not only adds support for Android tabs, but also incorporates many features that have switched from same-time editing to a real-time editing. The best highlight of this feature is the way it is useful in the PowerPoint web app.

When we edit a file or document, earlier we had to refresh the page to take effect, but with the latest features, there is no need of refreshing the page as the changes appear immediately on the screen. This feature improves the co-editing in a significant way. Nevertheless, the latest real-time-co-authoring is currently available only for the PowerPoint app, and will soon introduced with other apps so that the users can make the most of it. It would save a lot of time that was wasted in refreshing pages after editing.

It is evident from the announcement that Microsoft is dedicatedly working on improving the Office Web Apps. It is trying to bring more of the Office users to experience the Office Web App, which will be a great experience to them for sure. Get in touch with Windows Live help experts to learn more about the same.

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