Thursday, July 31, 2014

Improvements In Office Web Apps With Real Time Android Support

Very recently, Office web apps were developed into Microsoft’s file hosting services known as OneDrive. This allows users to access the Microsoft Office suite applications such as OneNote, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

This feature is almost same like the Google Drive service, except that the interface is similar to the one used in the desktop version. This online program is also available for iPad and Windows 8 tablets. You can get more information on the same via Windows Live help center.

There were announcements regarding the latest features of Office 365 on the tech support blog. The different features noted are supposed to improve the Office apps in many different ways. It also highlights that the advancements include support for Android tablets.

You will be able to use the Office Web App on your Android tablet, if you are using Google Chrome browser on your tablet. Users who want to use this functionality on their Android devices can do it with the help of the Google Chrome browser, but it needs few requisites like a Microsoft account. Service for the last huge tablet operating systems is added to the list of support as well.

The latest update not only adds support for Android tabs, but also incorporates many features that have switched from same-time editing to a real-time editing. The best highlight of this feature is the way it is useful in the PowerPoint web app.

When we edit a file or document, earlier we had to refresh the page to take effect, but with the latest features, there is no need of refreshing the page as the changes appear immediately on the screen. This feature improves the co-editing in a significant way. Nevertheless, the latest real-time-co-authoring is currently available only for the PowerPoint app, and will soon introduced with other apps so that the users can make the most of it. It would save a lot of time that was wasted in refreshing pages after editing.

It is evident from the announcement that Microsoft is dedicatedly working on improving the Office Web Apps. It is trying to bring more of the Office users to experience the Office Web App, which will be a great experience to them for sure. Get in touch with Windows Live help experts to learn more about the same.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Features Of The OE-Mail Recovery Tool

Outlook Express is one of the most preferred email applications by the users worldwide. Developed by Microsoft, this email client comes associated with the Internet Explorer. Outlook Express provides several useful options to the users and although it sounds similar to Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express has different features as compared to the latter.

Sometimes, certain Outlook Express problems do crop up that force the users to contact the Outlook tech support team. In most of the cases, the errors related to this application rise due to the existence of corrupted files. Presence of such corrupted files in Outlook Express prevents the users from accessing the information stored in the program. Sometimes, you won’t even be able to check your emails in the program, depending on the severity of the file corruption. In such cases, although the best option is to contact the technicians at the Outlook technical support team, you can also use third party recovery tools.

One of the most advanced Outlook Express recovery tool is the OE-Mail Recovery application, which helps to fix all types of corruption in the Outlook Express files. This useful Outlook Express recovery tool has been launched by Recovery Toolbox, the software company, which have been the pioneers in the field of creating compact recovery tools for users since a long time. The latest version of OE-Mail Recovery tool has been projected as the fastest and the most advanced of the lot. This program enables the unassisted extraction of emails from damaged DBX files in the application. The latest update of this recovery tool also has a higher recovery speed as well as better stability for a more complete data recovery, irrespective of the severity of the file corruption.

The OE-Mail Recovery Tool can be termed as a complete program designed for the recovery of Outlook Express. The best part about this recovery tool is that it efficiently restores all the messages as well as attachments from files of any size and structure, using its intuitive file analysis and recovery method. Moreover, this sophisticated recovery tool also supports all the major Outlook Express versions and also DBX files of upto 4GB in size.

Other notable features of the OE-Mail Recovery tool include the option that allows the users to preview the contents of the damaged files and also access the scope of data than can be recovered. In short, the OE-Mail Recovery Tool is the best tool you can rely on to fix your Outlook Express problems.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Microsoft Urges Users To Install Windows 8.1 Update To Receive New Patches

If you have not updated your operating system with the latest Windows 8.1 update, you may not be lucky enough to receive the latest patches from Microsoft intended to fix the vulnerabilities associated with Internet Explorer. Among the seven different bulletins, the major one is aimed to fix IE issues and others are for addressing the 59 other vulnerabilities.

One of the questions on Microsoft Security Blog made by Dustin Childs was "Does a vulnerability make a sound if it never gets exploited?" To this, the software giant responded, "When we become aware of a potential security issue, we work to fix it regardless of whether or not it is under active attack. In other words, it doesn't matter if that falling tree makes a noise; we still have an action to take." Keep in mind that there were a large number of queries regarding the new patches.

Windows Vista help center says the update is not for all. The software giant has made it clear that only those users who have installed the Windows 8.1 update released in April could install the new patches. The last date for enterprise customers to update the operating system with the update is August 12. Within this date, they should upgrade their operating systems from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1U. At first, Microsoft had set this period to be 5 weeks. However, due to large pressure from various corners, the company decided to extend this date further by three weeks. It was May 13 then. However, it was further extended to June 10 before the end of the stipulated date.

According to Windows Vista help center, the new set of patches has 59 CVEs. Out of these 59 CVEs, 21 are to fix bugs in Internet Explorer 8. As you cannot compromise on the security of your internet browser, it is important that you upgrade your operating system with the Windows 8.1 Update and then install these updates. The new update is available to download from the official website of Microsoft. Once you install these updates, your operating system could receive all future updates without any restrictions.

After the end of support for Windows XP, many customers had updated their computers with Windows 8 operating system. However, with the release of Windows 8.1, which was made available free to the Windows 8 users, many of them upgraded to it. Now, this is the latest in the series of updates, which is mandatory for the smooth running of the operating system.  

Sunday, July 20, 2014

What To Do If Outlook Is Not Working

It widely acknowledged that Microsoft Outlook is the most widely used personal manger program in the world. The best feature of it is its inbuilt email manager, which people use for managing their email. Microsoft tries hard to keep the program free from corruptions and attacks by releasing updates every now and then. But Outlook will throw issues at you at some point of time. Here we discuss some simple steps that you should take for fixing some of the common ones.

The very first thing that you need to do if you cannot start Outlook or when you get an error message, is to find the real reason for the occurrence of error. In most situations, the error might be caused just after installing a new component to the system, like a toolbar or add-in. Often updating your software might lead to such error. You need to find out what all changes you made to the system after a successful run, and before the occurrence of error message.

So it is advised that you find the problem that has caused the error and revoke those changes for fixing the issue with the Outlook program. Usually the error would fade away and you will not get the error message or face a situation where you cannot start Outlook.

A slow or inactive internet connection may also cause problems. So make sure that the computer is connected to the internet, and that the connection is uninterrupted when you’re online. If it’s inactive, disable the connection and re-enable it to see if that’s enough to get outlook to connect.

You may still get the error message even if you have an active internet connection, due to the issues on the email provider’s side. Call them up and see if that’s the case, so at least you know there’s nothing to be done from your side.

Maybe you’ve changed the password for the email account, and forgot to make the same change in Outlook. If so, update the password so the client can login successfully. Also, make sure that the Outlook settings are well configured and all settings are correctly made. It only takes one of the fields containing the wrong details for you to be barred from accessing mail.

Some virus attacks might also lead to issues with the email client. So find the real reason behind the error, and fix the problem accordingly. If you are having trouble fixing the issue, feel free to contact our Outlook support team.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Features Of Online Gaming Service For Xbox On Windows 7

Finally, Microsoft has made it possible for the users to enjoy the Xbox gaming experience on their personal computers. This means, if you’re using Windows 7 home network, you can now easily sign up for an online gaming service. According to the Microsoft chat support team, the company is now providing an online gaming service that allows the users to engage in Internet gaming as well as download all the latest games.

Other notable features include chat services, shopping, as well as web browsing options. But the availability of these features doesn’t mean that all the games would be compatible to run in your system. So, it is important that you first check the compatibility of the games that you are planning to play online. It is much easier to check if the game you have selected can be played online or not. According to the Microsoft chat and support team, the option to play online will be mentioned in the online reviews and descriptions of the game.

Features of Microsoft Xbox Live

The advanced features of Xbox Live enable the user to use Xbox 360 to get connected with your online friends as well as download and play games. In addition to it, the users also get an option to download movies and music. The versions of Xbox Live include the following.

Xbox Live Free

This was formerly known as Xbox Live Silver and provides the users with different options to have voice chat, preview games, watch movies in high-definition, download games and add-ons as well as build a Gamertag and Avatar.

Xbox Live Gold

This version of Xbox Live includes options such as party and video-chat, multiplayer gaming, streaming movies as well as accessing social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The monthly fee of Xbox Live Gold account is about 10 dollars.

Xbox Live Gold Family Pack

Xbox Live Gold Family Pack provides many useful options to the users that include managing family memberships and settings, viewing family usage reports etc. This version also enables the users to earn Microsoft Point Allowances as well as discounts for the family. The annual membership of Xbox Live Gold Family pack can cost 100 dollars annually and gives upto four Xbox Live Gold accounts to a user.

These are the features of the different editions of Xbox Live. To get more information on Xbox gaming console, you may get in touch with our technical support personnel.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Steps To Create Distribution List In Outlook 2007 And Outlook 2010

Creating a distribution list is a great technique if you often send the same email to multiple contacts. Outlook email client helps you to configure Outlook setting and create distribution list for the ease of use. In this post, we will find out how to create distribution list in Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010.

Creating Contacts Group In Outlook 2010
  • Launch the program from its shortcut icon.
  • Select the button Contacts and choose the option New.
  • Click New Contact Group.
  • The above step will launch a new window.
  • Enter the name for the group in the field for Name.
  • Select the option Add Members and select the contacts that you wish to include in the contacts group.
  • In order to select a contact, simply double click the email address of the contact and then click the button OK.
  • If you wish to add a new email address, which is not present in the address book, click the option Add New.
  • Enter details of the new contact like Display Name, E-mail address etc in the corresponding field and click OK to add to the contacts group.
Creating Distribution list in Outlook 2007
  • Launch Microsoft Outlook from its desktop shortcut. 
  • Select the option Contacts found at left pane of the window. 
  • Click the option New and from the different options in the sub menu, select Distribution List. 
  • In the field for Name, type a name for the new group. 
  • Click the button Select Members. This will open a new window with the title Select Members: Contacts. 
  • Click the name of the contact from the list and click the button Members. This will add the email address. Once you finish adding the email addresses, select the button OK. 
  • In order to add new members from outside the list, select the option Add New and enter the details. 
With the above steps, you can create distribution list in Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010. With the creation of distribution list, you can easily send emails to the multiple contacts with a simple click. All you need to do is compose the email and enter the name of the distribution list in the field for To. Click the button Send and this will send your message to the email addresses added in the distribution list.

For further assistance on email distribution lists or Outlook setting, you may contact our technical support team.