Monday, December 31, 2012

Set Up Outlook Express With Exchange Server

Microsoft Exchange Server is used by most entrepreneurs to manage their communication activities through emails. The Outlook Express which comes built in along with Windows XP is used for sending and receiving emails by establishing a network connection with the Microsoft Exchange server. Setting up Outlook Express to work with an Exchange email server is not a difficult task and is something that can be done with the basic computer knowledge in a fraction of seconds. Just go through these instructions developed by the Microsoft outlook express help and support team.
Go to the Windows "Start" button on the lower left corner of the screen and then from menu select the link called "Outlook Express" Or else you can open this by double clicking on the Outlook icon that’s seen on the desktop screen.
From the menu bar select the option called "Tools" and then to "Accounts" Next is to select the tab called "Mail" and click on the button called “Add” after which tag the option named as "Mail”.
Now input the name of account holder in the desired display name field followed by clicking the next button.
Provide the Microsoft Exchange Email address in the Email address dialogue box followed by clicking the next button.
At the top of the Email Server names window you were able to see an IMAP option, click on it. Now input the name of incoming mail server in the first text box. Now type the outgoing address in the second field. When done hit on the next button. This opens up a new window.
Now type the account holder’s password and username in the desired field followed by clicking the next button.
Once you have finished the above step, hit on the finish button.
Now exit out of internet accounts window by hitting the close button.
By clicking the yes button you can easily download the folders from the mail server. Once you finish downloading you will get a list of downloaded folders in the new window.
Still cornered with doubts regarding how to integrate the Outlook mail program with the Microsoft exchange server? Just pick up your phone and call up the Microsoft Outlook Express help and support center for assistance. Windows users can also facilitate the remote desktop assistance provided by the Microsoft support team if necessary.

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