Sunday, July 20, 2014

What To Do If Outlook Is Not Working

It widely acknowledged that Microsoft Outlook is the most widely used personal manger program in the world. The best feature of it is its inbuilt email manager, which people use for managing their email. Microsoft tries hard to keep the program free from corruptions and attacks by releasing updates every now and then. But Outlook will throw issues at you at some point of time. Here we discuss some simple steps that you should take for fixing some of the common ones.

The very first thing that you need to do if you cannot start Outlook or when you get an error message, is to find the real reason for the occurrence of error. In most situations, the error might be caused just after installing a new component to the system, like a toolbar or add-in. Often updating your software might lead to such error. You need to find out what all changes you made to the system after a successful run, and before the occurrence of error message.

So it is advised that you find the problem that has caused the error and revoke those changes for fixing the issue with the Outlook program. Usually the error would fade away and you will not get the error message or face a situation where you cannot start Outlook.

A slow or inactive internet connection may also cause problems. So make sure that the computer is connected to the internet, and that the connection is uninterrupted when you’re online. If it’s inactive, disable the connection and re-enable it to see if that’s enough to get outlook to connect.

You may still get the error message even if you have an active internet connection, due to the issues on the email provider’s side. Call them up and see if that’s the case, so at least you know there’s nothing to be done from your side.

Maybe you’ve changed the password for the email account, and forgot to make the same change in Outlook. If so, update the password so the client can login successfully. Also, make sure that the Outlook settings are well configured and all settings are correctly made. It only takes one of the fields containing the wrong details for you to be barred from accessing mail.

Some virus attacks might also lead to issues with the email client. So find the real reason behind the error, and fix the problem accordingly. If you are having trouble fixing the issue, feel free to contact our Outlook support team.

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