Monday, December 29, 2014

Learn To Install Windows 8

It is very easy to install Windows 8 in the computer. In case you have been looking for a way to install Windows 8, follow these simple OmniTech guides to do the same. Before starting with the installation process, you need to make sure that the internet connection is working well and you have a copy of Windows 8 operating system. Last but not the least, the computer should be functional. Take a backup of your computer, as you will lose all the data in the current system during the installation process.


  • Check if the system requirements are met with the help of the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant. 
  • After this, the upgrade assistant will recommend the version that is most compatible with the system. 
  • Click on the download link, in order to download these files. You will have to make the payment, before downloading Windows 8. 
  • You will get the product key only after you make the payment. You need a product key at the time of activation. 
  • Once the purchase is complete, the necessary files would start downloading. 
  • Next, you have to decide on how to install Windows 8, when the computer asks you how you prefer to install Windows 8. 
  • You can install it later by creating an ISO Image file and then copying it to a DVD. 
  • Insert the disk and copy all files related to Windows 8. Initiate the installation, by selecting the option Get Updates. 
  • Once the installation is complete, you can start customizing the Settings on the computer such as color, theme and other PC settings. 
In case you do not want to ditch Windows 7 but also have Windows 8 installed in the computer, the instructions are different. You will follow the same steps as mentioned above until copying the ISO images to the DVD.

  • When the installation starts, you need to click on the Custom option. This will do a clean installation on the computer rather than an upgrade. 
  • Select the partition in which you want to install Windows 8. Click on Next, this will start the installation. 
  • Post the installation, when the computer reboots, you will see a black screen asking you to Choose between Windows 7 and Windows 8. You can choose either of these. If you don’t make a selection in 30 seconds, the computer will boot with the default operating system, which in this case would be Windows 8. This setting can be changed later. 
In case you have any difficulty following these OmniTech guides, you can call up OmniTech support on the toll free number for advanced help.

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