Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tips To Create A Newspaper Using Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word has a number of advanced word processing features which are mostly unknown to many users. Here in this article I am going to discuss with you one of such features of Microsoft Word which lets you to create a professional looking newspaper. The Microsoft chat support instructions provided in this article will guide you through this whole process of newspaper creation in MS Word.
Manual formatting
First of all, launch the Microsoft word application on your system and then open a new word document.
Tag along the page layout tab to bring on the Page setup group menu and then select columns option from the pull down list.
Now input the number of columns that you wish to add on the first page of your paper. When done, trigger this point forward option to add the columns to the word document.
Now select more columns option from the Columns menu list. Now put a tick mark in the box near to Line between options to insert a line between columns.
For adding an image or an editorial to your document, you have to turn off the columns. For this, click page layout tab, and then select the columns option from the page setup group menu.
To return to a single column document, trigger the one option.
How to use Word Templates for creating Newspaper?
First, open a new Word document by clicking the File tab, and then select the new option.
Now select an appropriate template for your paper from the available Microsoft Word templates list.
For selecting one from the available list, click sample template option.
By clicking the recent template option, you have been able to view the recently used template.
For creating a new template, click the create option.
For selecting the template you have just created, click my templates option followed by clicking the OK button.
How to download templates?
Visit the Microsoft Website and from the template category, choose one that suits your requirements and then click download. These downloaded templates can be easily accessed from the sample templates listing.
That’s all the tips from the Microsoft Chat team for creating a newspaper using Microsoft Word. Thank you!

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