Monday, July 14, 2014

Features Of Online Gaming Service For Xbox On Windows 7

Finally, Microsoft has made it possible for the users to enjoy the Xbox gaming experience on their personal computers. This means, if you’re using Windows 7 home network, you can now easily sign up for an online gaming service. According to the Microsoft chat support team, the company is now providing an online gaming service that allows the users to engage in Internet gaming as well as download all the latest games.

Other notable features include chat services, shopping, as well as web browsing options. But the availability of these features doesn’t mean that all the games would be compatible to run in your system. So, it is important that you first check the compatibility of the games that you are planning to play online. It is much easier to check if the game you have selected can be played online or not. According to the Microsoft chat and support team, the option to play online will be mentioned in the online reviews and descriptions of the game.

Features of Microsoft Xbox Live

The advanced features of Xbox Live enable the user to use Xbox 360 to get connected with your online friends as well as download and play games. In addition to it, the users also get an option to download movies and music. The versions of Xbox Live include the following.

Xbox Live Free

This was formerly known as Xbox Live Silver and provides the users with different options to have voice chat, preview games, watch movies in high-definition, download games and add-ons as well as build a Gamertag and Avatar.

Xbox Live Gold

This version of Xbox Live includes options such as party and video-chat, multiplayer gaming, streaming movies as well as accessing social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The monthly fee of Xbox Live Gold account is about 10 dollars.

Xbox Live Gold Family Pack

Xbox Live Gold Family Pack provides many useful options to the users that include managing family memberships and settings, viewing family usage reports etc. This version also enables the users to earn Microsoft Point Allowances as well as discounts for the family. The annual membership of Xbox Live Gold Family pack can cost 100 dollars annually and gives upto four Xbox Live Gold accounts to a user.

These are the features of the different editions of Xbox Live. To get more information on Xbox gaming console, you may get in touch with our technical support personnel.

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