Monday, July 28, 2014

Features Of The OE-Mail Recovery Tool

Outlook Express is one of the most preferred email applications by the users worldwide. Developed by Microsoft, this email client comes associated with the Internet Explorer. Outlook Express provides several useful options to the users and although it sounds similar to Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express has different features as compared to the latter.

Sometimes, certain Outlook Express problems do crop up that force the users to contact the Outlook tech support team. In most of the cases, the errors related to this application rise due to the existence of corrupted files. Presence of such corrupted files in Outlook Express prevents the users from accessing the information stored in the program. Sometimes, you won’t even be able to check your emails in the program, depending on the severity of the file corruption. In such cases, although the best option is to contact the technicians at the Outlook technical support team, you can also use third party recovery tools.

One of the most advanced Outlook Express recovery tool is the OE-Mail Recovery application, which helps to fix all types of corruption in the Outlook Express files. This useful Outlook Express recovery tool has been launched by Recovery Toolbox, the software company, which have been the pioneers in the field of creating compact recovery tools for users since a long time. The latest version of OE-Mail Recovery tool has been projected as the fastest and the most advanced of the lot. This program enables the unassisted extraction of emails from damaged DBX files in the application. The latest update of this recovery tool also has a higher recovery speed as well as better stability for a more complete data recovery, irrespective of the severity of the file corruption.

The OE-Mail Recovery Tool can be termed as a complete program designed for the recovery of Outlook Express. The best part about this recovery tool is that it efficiently restores all the messages as well as attachments from files of any size and structure, using its intuitive file analysis and recovery method. Moreover, this sophisticated recovery tool also supports all the major Outlook Express versions and also DBX files of upto 4GB in size.

Other notable features of the OE-Mail Recovery tool include the option that allows the users to preview the contents of the damaged files and also access the scope of data than can be recovered. In short, the OE-Mail Recovery Tool is the best tool you can rely on to fix your Outlook Express problems.

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