Monday, July 1, 2013

How To Copy Emoticons From Microsoft Word To Msn Messenger

Conveying your emotions solely through words is never easy, and might not always be possible. However Emoticons can help you with this to certain extend. They are nothing but cartoon faces with various expressions, which can be used to convey your feelings along with the words you type. They are most commonly used in various instant messaging and chat interfaces, like Microsoft chat or yahoo messenger.
You can get these emoticons to your MSN messenger from the Microsoft Word, which is quite a simple procedure. It can be used in Microsoft chat or yahoo messenger, as well as MSN and other instant messaging services.

Tips to Copy Emoticons from MS Word

  • Launch Microsoft Word and then open up a new word document or a blank page, and then choose the Insert option from the File menu, on top of the Word program.
  • From the insert option, choose the Symbol option. This will open up the windows Character map for you.
  • This character map will have a number of symbols and emoticons as well. Scroll through these and pick the emoticons of your choice, and once you find them, highlight them by simply clicking on them.
  • Once you have chosen them, select the Insert option, which will insert these emoticons in to the Word document.

Once you have inserted the emoticons in to the Word document, half of your work is over. Here is how you can insert these emoticons in to MSN messenger.
  • In order to select these emoticons, highlight them in the Word document, and while holding down the Ctrl button of your keyboard, press the C button.
  • Or, if you find this difficult to do, you can simply right click on the highlighted emoticons and then from the options in the popup menu, choose the Copy option.
  • Open the MSN chat messenger after minimizing the Word document. Click on the text field that is meant for typing in messages in the chat. Press the Ctrl and V buttons simultaneously to paste the emoticons that you have copied from the word document in to the text field.

Alternatively, right-click in the text field and select the Paste option from the popup menu.
These are the steps with which you can paste an emoticon from Word to MSN messenger. Use the above steps to your benefit.

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