Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tips to identify the product key of MS Office

Microsoft Office developed by Microsoft can be defined as the software that diminishes the human effort in making reports and other documents. It’s used in almost all the corporate Offices to makes reports, spreadsheets and for sending emails. A 25 character product key is supplied along with the product by Microsoft to validate and authorize the product. Installation wizard will normally prompt a window for entering this 25 character activation key, which can be skipped. Later this window will pop up only after using the said 25 times. You won’t be able to use the applications in MS Office unless you enter product key after using 25 times. Microsoft tech support has sketched out some easy tips to spot the product key of your Microsoft Office.


Full version

1. Take the package of your MS Office and explore inside it for a sticker with a 25 character which is your product key.

2. If you can’t find the sticker, then search for a Certificate of Authencity which comes along with the package. Certificate of Authencity is a seal that consist of the 25 character product key which validates its Authencity.

3. If you got your pack online, then look if you have received a feedback mail which comes from automated mail sending system in Microsoft. These mails from Microsoft will have the details of purchase including the date of purchase and the product key.

4. If you bought your computer from third party manufacturer’s who assembles PC’s, explore around your CPU and MONITOR for the product key. They normally glue the product keys on to CPU for quick access.

Trial version

1. After installing the trial pack that you bought online, an icon will be displayed on your desktop named as “Microsoft Office 60 days Trial”. Run that icon to open a website which will show the way to acquire your product key.

2. Explore around the CD case and package that came along your software for a sticker. This sticker will be having the 25 character product key.

3. As soon as you download a trial version of MS Office, Microsoft will send you a mail back. This email from Microsoft will have all the necessary information’s about the download of the trial pack including the 25 character product key. Microsoft tech support lends further assistance to users who find it difficult to identify the product key even after following these simple instructions. This can happen due to improper printing and bad maintenance.

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