Sunday, January 19, 2014

What To Do When The Start-Up Programs Are Blocked In Windows?

If you are familiar with the Windows problems especially in operating systems such as Windows XP and Vista, I am sure you will have seen the error message that says Windows has blocked some startup programs. Unlike the other errors that you might difficult to address, you can easily fix the Start up programs blocked error. You would want to address the issue before you start your usual tasks in your system. Well, if you are unsure about addressing this issue, read this article which contains the steps required to deal with blocked start up programs in Windows machines.


  • Turn on your computer and navigate to the Start button. 
  • Select All Programs from the resulting menu and click on Windows Defender. Windows Defender is a default feature in Windows Vista operating system. If you are using Windows XP, you need to execute the optional upgrade to install Windows Defender. 
  • Once Windows Defender screen appears, locate the link for Tools (it would be found at the top portion of the screen) and press it. 
  • Select the tool titled Software Explorer from the resulting menu. 
  • Startup Programs should be selected from the dropdown list titled Category. The list contains all the programs (Startup Programs) that will be launched when you turn on your computer. Browse through the list of unknown startup programs. Windows will block the unknown start up programs by default. Read the error message carefully and select the unknown programs. This should tell you what went wrong. 
  • After locating the unknown programs, make sure that they are not the necessary programs. You could dial the Windows support number and ask the support personnel over there to find out whether any of the unknown programs are associated with your operating system. Once you know that they are not important, you can get rid of them. For this, select an unknown startup program and press the Remove or Disable button. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the removal of the program. 
  • Next, navigate to the link labelled Tools. This will take you to the Quarantined Items list. The list would contain programs that have been blocked by Windows defender for security reasons. Remove these items. Once you are done, exit the Windows Defender screen and re-start your computer. 

Hope the instructions were helpful to you in fixing the Startup Programs blocked errors. If you need any real time assistance in addressing this issue, dial the Windows Support Number. 

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