Monday, September 9, 2013

Corrupt PST Files In Outlook

Corrupt PST files are a major concern for all Outlook users. If PST files get corrupt, emails and other items in Outlook cannot be accessed. This causes a huge headache for users, as it may not be possible to do the work properly. Not only emails but also calendars, journals, entries etc are safeguarded within the PST files. One of the main reasons why PST files are corrupted maybe due to the fact that the files maybe of size greater than 2 GB. Other instances by which PST files can get corrupted are by fluctuations in power, corruptions in the header, sudden shutdown of the system and so on. Often, when PST files are corrupted, error messages such as invalid XML file error etc can be witnessed. But there are certain ways in which you can fix PST files and get back to your work.

Steps Involved 
  • An inbox repair tool by the name of scanpst.exe can be used to fix your corrupt PST files. To gain access to the repair tool, click on the Start button. The Start menu will pop up. Next, choose the Search option 
  • In the field provided, enter scanpst.exe and click on Ok. From the search results, choose the scanpst.exe icon. Click on it and open it. 
  • Enter the filename of the corrupted file in the tool; the location of the PST file can be searched using the Browse option. 
  • Choose the file that you want to fix and click on the Start button. 
  • Now the corrupt PST file will be fixed. 
  • Now open Outlook and use the profile that contains the repaired PST files. 
  • From the list of options, click on the View option. A Folder list is present and you will have to click that. A Lost and found folder is present in the Folder list and you need to open that. 
  • The items that are present in the Lost and Found folder have to be moved to the new PST file in your profile. 
If the PST file cannot be opened after these changes, also you need to follow the below given steps.
  • Run any disk utility tool like Scandisk to ensure that all your hard drives are working properly and are error free. 
  • Now move the PST file to another location on the hard disk. 
  • Now into the new profile, add the PST file 
  • Now try to open Outlook and access the PST file 
Even after making all these changes, error messages like the invalid xml file error is encountered or your Outlook keeps on crashing, you will need to use any third party repair tools to solve your issues.

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