Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Microsoft Makes The Day One Update Available For Xbox One

Xbox One has been in news for quite some time. Earlier this month, online media discussed greatly about the possibility of a day-one offline update for the console. But, later on, the tech giant decided not to provide the offline update citing potential update issues. However, it came up with another pleasant surprise new - that the users would be able to update their console in about 15-20 minutes on the first day. The tech giant assures that there would not be any web traffic issues on the launch day as it has employed multiple servers to facilitate the day one update for millions of users across the world.

Earlier it was reported that the day one update download would probably take hours due to the expected heavy online traffic. So, many users thought that they could only start using their favourite Xbox One console only after a couple of days when the traffic lessens. Well, Microsoft has realised the concerns of the users and acted accordingly. According to Marc Whitten, the chief platform Architect of Xbox One, “We are optimizing Xbox One so that the day one update is as fast as possible. While we’re still finalising the details, we expect that the download will take between 15 and 20 minutes for most users”.

Surprisingly enough, the Microsoft chat support network has not confirmed whether it meant the downloading of the day one update files or the installation time by 15-20 minutes period. If what it meant was the installation time, then users might still have to wait for a long time for downloading the updates.

Why does the day one update for Xbox One matter?

The mandatory day one update for Xbox One has confused the users and many think that it is unnecessary. However, Microsoft recommends the day one update. It is reported the day one update would come with many firmware tweaks. Moreover, the DRM policy and online check requirements call for a mandatory day one update for Xbox One. Sony’s PS4 (PlayStation 4) also had the day one update. However, Sony also offered the offline update option and reports indicate that more than 60 percent of the PS4 users made use of the offline update.

Whatever be the technical sides of day one update, the Xbox One fans across the world are eager to try the new console. According to the Microsoft chat network, they receive hundreds of calls every day regarding the Xbox One console and the day one update.


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