Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Windows 8.1 To Have Huge Impact

Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS was unable to get huge sales when it was released. User complained of many issues, and of lack of comfort navigating the new interface. In response, Microsoft made some serious changes to the OS and released the Windows 8.1 operating system. Reviews of the new OS have been great but the question remains: will it be able to boost sales?
Probably one of the most needed and vital changes that Microsoft implemented in the latest OS was the return of the Start button. The absence of this was very annoying for users who were happy with the traditional interface. The re-included Start button does not open the Start menu however, only the Start screen. Right clicking this button opens tools like Task Manager and Control Panel, among other tools. In addition, Windows 8 allows users to boot directly into the desktop interface, instead of the Start screen. The latest version also has loads of customization and personalization tools, a new search tool, and a redesigned Xbox Music, with an easier to use interface.
Charles King principal analyst and Pund-IT has a few keen insights about the potential impact of the revamped Windows 8 OS, "Going back to the Start menu and making the tile interface an option on the task bar is probably what the company should have done in the first place." King added. "It makes the Windows 8 environment much friendlier for businesses and a lot less disruptive than the original version."
But that’s not all Windows 8 may see more additional boots and upgrades in the coming year. Currently the operating systems function on Intel Ivy Bridge-processor PCs, laptops and tablets. However many analysts believe that the next generation Haswell Processor systems that are to come out this fall will definitely help the OS shine. "The overall performance and new features on those systems and the commonality of the touch interface will be so powerful -- and frankly kind of cool for many users -- that whatever questions they may have had about Windows 8 will fade into the background," King added. "Windows 8 on a Haswell system will be a pretty seamless experience."
As King points out, one of the biggest reasons that Windows 8 did not fare well initially, was due to its optimization for use on tablets and other touch sensitive devices. Navigating with the mouse is awkward and difficult which is probably why users were not very keen on migrating to Windows 8. The new Windows 8.1 is sure to change a lot. To learn more about navigation and other features of Windows 8, you can look up on the Windows help menu in Windows8. Windows help will also provide solutions for issues. Get your hands on the at least Windows OS, which is a free upgrade from the Windows Store.

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