Monday, January 13, 2014

Microsoft Releases Office Apps For The IPhone And IPad Users

The Apple IPad and IPhone have for long tried to use the Microsoft Office applications like the Outlook mail client on their mobile device. However, there would always be some compatibility issues between these two rival companies’ softwares. There were some means available to these users, using which they can indeed access their Outlook accounts and folders online.

The Outlook Web Access

Many Outlook users have been using the Outlook Web Access option while using Microsoft Outlook. This is essentially a browser-based service that goes around the compatibility issues with the operating system. If you have say, an Outlook mail client account in your desktop, you would not be able install the same application on the IPad or IPhone. However, if you go to the Microsoft Office Help webpage to look for a solution, you would be directed to the Outlook Web Access link.
Using Outlook Web Access, you would be able to log in to the Outlook mail server, where all your Outlook data like the Outlook Calendar, Outlook Contacts and of course, the Outlook Inbox and Outbox mail messages, would be stored. This is very similar to the web mail service in a way, considering the username and password log in screen.

Microsoft Apps for IPad and IPhone

However, using Outlook Web Access meant that you would not be able to access Outlook data when you are offline. This was indeed an inconvenience to many using the IPad and IPhone, who had Outlook accounts. Now, Microsoft has come up with a solution.
Microsoft Office apps are now available for the IPhone and IPad operating systems. They are apps in the real sense, and the Outlook app allows the users to access the Outlook folders even while offline. This is certainly a relief to the Outlook users, who had to rely on the Outlook Web Access, so far.
However, there is a catch. You would have to subscribe to the Microsoft Office 365 software subscription package. This is no surprise. Microsoft applications are not freeware. Neither is Microsoft Outlook irrespective of whether you are using it on the Windows OS or Apple’s
Many Windows OS users had not realised this so far, as they were using the Outlook mail client that came bundled with the Windows operating systems. The IPad and IPhone users need to pay a subscription fee, if they want to use the Microsoft Office applications. Visit the Microsoft Office Help webpage for the details.

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