Sunday, November 3, 2013

Resolving Issues With The Microsoft Office Professional Edition

The Microsoft Office is one of the most widely used office software and many people make use of it all over. Microsoft Office has won rave reviews and has been very successful all throughout. The Office suite contains applications like the Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access and Outlook. Office goers as well as homemakers have found all these applications to be of great use. Sometimes users experience troubles with their Microsoft Office suite due to many technical reasons. Errors with the Microsoft Office professional can be fixed easily by following the below provided Microsoft tech support guidelines.


  • Turn on the system and wait for Windows to load. After Windows loads, the Start button will be present on the extreme bottom left of the taskbar. Click it. Now the Start menu will pop up. From the menu, choose Control Panel. Now the Control Panel window will open on screen.
  • There will be different icons that will be present in the Control Panel. Choose the Add Or Remove Programs icon. Now when the Add Or Remove Programs window opens, a list of programs that are installed on the system will be displayed.
  • From the list, click the Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003. Now choose the Change button. Now on the screen, the Microsoft Office installation application will be present.
  • The Reinstall/Repair option will be present. Select it. Now choose the Next button. Select the Detect And Repair Errors In My Office Installation option. Now select the Install button. Now the repair process will start and it will take some time for the process to be complete.
After the repair process is complete, you can see that you will not be bugged with errors when you use the Microsoft Office professional edition. Sometimes, the errors in the Office suite may be due to a virus or spyware that has affected the system. So in order to protect your system from viruses and spyware, it is essential that you install very good antivirus and antispyware software. It is also essential that you update the security tools often in order to protect yourself from the latest threats.

By following the above Microsoft tech support guidelines, the errors with the Microsoft Office professional edition can be resolved. If you need additional help or more tips, you may visit the Microsoft support website. 

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