Monday, December 1, 2014

Setting Up MSN Email In Outlook 2000

While setting up MSN email on Outlook 2000, it includes enabling POP3 or Post Office Protocol 3 access in order to send and receive emails in Outlook. Before you enable this in Outlook, it is important for you to know the internet connection details of the specific internet connection that you use. Outlook needs to know the entire network related information such as the type of connection and many more.

You can collect all these details from the Internet Service Provider. Usually, if you connect to the internet via a phone cable, it means that you are connecting to the internet using a dial-up internet connection. In case you are using a high-speed internet connection, it is evident that you are using a Local Area Network or LAN connection.

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  • Launch the Outlook application, and from the window, click on the Tools menu located at the top, and then select Accounts from the drop down menu. 
  • Now click on the Add button followed by choosing Mail from the sub menu below. 
  • In the Display Name field, type in the Name and then click on the Next menu. 
  • In this window, you need to enter your MSN Email Address in the email address box and then click on Next. 
  • Under the My Incoming Server Is selection box, select the POP3 option. Now type server details as Pop3.Email.Msn.Com 
  • Under the Incoming Mail, select (POP3 Or IMAP) server, and then type Smtp.Email.Msn.Com under the Outgoing Mail (SMTP) server. 
  • In the Username and Password Fields, type the Username and the Password respectively. 
  • Now select the Remember Password option check box and then click on Next. 
  • Select the connection type from the option list available and then click on Next. 
  • Click on Finish to complete the configuration of MSN emails on Outlook. 
You can follow these simple steps to configure any other email service in Outlook. In case you have issues with the configuration, you can call up our tech support desk to find out what the issues are and solutions for the same.

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