Monday, November 24, 2014

Tech Support Scams Targeting Windows XP Users

XP users have no other choice but to subscribe to third party tech support services. Microsoft no longer provides tech support services for the XP OS. Many hackers and online scam artists are taking this opportunity to dupe the XP users by setting up fake websites online. Recently reported cases about the Omni Tech Support fraud websites are a good example of this trend.

Get genuine tech support for your XP system

World Wide Web is like that. It is full of scams, fake websites and fraudulent service providers. This has always been the same. But, in the past, it was much easier to spot the fake websites. The site would look very crudely designed and not like an official one of a genuine online service provider.

But, unlike in the past, you no longer need to invest much to set up a professional looking website. Website designing has become much easier with the advent of designer tools and ready-made design templates. In other words, it is very much possible to set up an Omni Tech Support fraud website that looks exactly like the official one and it would be very hard to distinguish between the two, if you are a first time visitor.

Since the end of Microsoft support, the XP users are searching online looking for affordable or free ad-supported tech support service plans. And, these online scam artists mentioned above are luring them in with claims of discount prices and quality services. Users are advised to exercise maximum caution when signing up for such tech support services online, especially before you give them your credit card information or make the payment online.

Do not just look at the rates offered; look also at the history of that tech support firm and how long they have been in the support service industry and so on. Also, make sure that you check their BBB rating. If this company is not even registered with the BBB network, then, maybe, you should skip that one no matter how cheap their service package is.

Such precautions are necessary, because at one time or another, you might have to allow these tech service professionals access to your system for repairing some issue. This is how most of these scam artists plant malware applications or steal the information stored in your computer.

If you want to sign up for a third party tech support service online, try OmniTech Support service, which has been in the industry for more than 10 years and has an excellent BBB rating.

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