Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The process Of Repairing A Corrupt Outlook File

An email client like Outlook regularly updates the contents stored in its folders so as to sync the account folders in the mail client with that stored in the mail server. Internet connection interruptions and other problems often lead to file corruption of any one of these Outlook files. Normally, the issue is fixed the next time you update the Outlook folders. But, sometimes, this will not happen.

How to repair the file corruption error in Outlook

There are OmniTech guides with detailed instructions provided on the blog page to help you with most of the Outlook problems. But, in the case of Outlook file corruption, you might not require any external help. Outlook comes with an in-built Inbox Repair tool to deal with this particular issue. You can run this tool and fix the problem easily.

However, the tool is not shown as an option in the Outlook toolbar menu options. Instead, it is there in one of the Outlook or MS Office folders in your C Drive. Just search for Scanpst.exe in C Drive to locate it. But, you also need to know the location of the Outlook PST as well, if want to scan it using the Inbox Repair tool.

If you are using Windows 7, Vista or Windows 8, then the location for this PST file will be - C:\Users \username \AppData \Local \Microsoft \Outlook. Paste this link to the Windows Explorer address bar in the OS to take you there. Here, you need to replace the text ‘username’ with the username you are using for the OS. Paste this link in the Scanpst tool dialog box - %localappdata%\ Microsoft \Outlook.

Similarly, in the case of Windows XP and Windows 2000 versions, the location for the PST file will be - C:\Documents and Settings \username \Local Settings \Application Data \Microsoft\ Outlook. So, you need to paste the following into the Scanpst file location box - %USERPROFILE%\ Local Settings \Application Data \Microsoft \Outlook.

After pasting the PST file location correctly into the Inbox Repair tool, click on the Scan button to start detecting the errors in the file. When this is done, select the option to repair the errors. Microsoft recommends running the tool more than once to detect many errors that might not show up during the first scan.

For finding fixes to any other Outlook problems, you may search through the OmniTech guides and articles posted here. You may also contact the tech support personnel on the helpline number.

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