Monday, May 5, 2014

Getting Rid Of The SparkleBox Toolbar

Pay attention and read the instructions shown in the installation wizard carefully, whenever you install a new program. Most of the malware toolbar applications are installed to the system in this manner. The installation files for these toolbars would be bundled with the main application and their installation would be selected by default in the installation wizard.

In your hurry to finish the installation, you might have overlooked this option or have forgotten to de-select it. As a result, you would now have a annoying toolbar application on your browser, which you do not remember installing in your system. How to remove a toolbar like that from the system?

It is very easy to remove such toolbars, if you know the steps required for the removal. For example, the SparkleBox toolbar can be removed by uninstalling the browser extension as well as the standalone application from the system.

How to remove a toolbar from your browser

Most of the toolbars are installed as both an add-on and a standalone application. This means you would have to get rid of both in order to remove the toolbar completely from the system. The same is the case with the Sparkle Box toolbar.

Released online a teaching resource application, this toolbar is actually a malware that would hijack your browser. Your browser’s homepage, search box and many other settings would be altered by this application without your permission. It is best to get rid of it at the earliest.

In order to remove the SparkleBox toolbar application from the system, go to the Control Panel from Start menu. Click on the Programs and Features option. You would find the SparkleBox toolbar in the list. Select it and press the Uninstall or Remove button. This would remove the SparkleBox toolbar application from the system.

The toolbar add-on might still be there in the browser. To get rid of this, go to the browser toolbar and look for the option Add-ons or Extensions. This would take you to the add-ons page, where you would find the SparkleBox toolbar extension. Select it and press the Remove button.

After this is done, you need to go through the browser settings for homepage, search box, etc and make the necessary changes. Also, check the other browser applications you have installed in your system and remove the toolbar from them as well.

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