Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Working Tutorial For Ask Toolbar Removal

Customers who would love to use the services of the Ask search engine may avail the Ask toolbar which is a browser add-on for different web browsers like Mozilla, Chrome etc. Though designed to offer rich functionality, the Ask toolbar in turn turns out to be a huge disappointment as it leads to the introduction of many problems on the system.

So the best advice on offer concerning the Ask toolbar is its removal and it can be successfully performed by following two different methods. One method is the manual removal method while the other is automatic un-installation technique that proves to be in fact a much tried and tested option. To properly understand the two removal techniques you have to follow the below mentioned guidelines on how to remove Ask toolbar.

Manual removal process

  • For the manual removal method, choose the Start button and the Start menu will appear on screen. Click on the Control Panel option from the menu. 
  • You will be able to view the Control Panel window. 
  • Select Add & Remove Programs or Uninstall A Program. The Add/remove programs window will appear on screen. Search and select Ask Toolbar from the list. 
  • A set of instructions will appear and you have to follow them accordingly to complete the removal procedure. 
  • A bit of left over files relating to the Ask toolbar will be present and the deletion of those files are also necessary. 
  • To complete the deletion, choose the Start button and select My Computer. 
  • Choose C:/Program Files/ and locate the files that are related to the Ask toolbar. Once you have found the files, choose the folder and select SHIFT + DELETE for the permanent deletion of the files. 
  • Perform a reboot of your system. 
Automatic removal process
  • A tested and recommended technique of Ask toolbar removal is by using an uninstaller tool such as Final Uninstaller. First of all, download the program onto your system. The download can be performed once you are connected to the internet. 
  • Perform the installation and choose Scan after the successful download. 
  • Different programs available on the system will be shown. Select Ask Toolbar and put a check mark on the check box. Select the Clean option and the complete removal of the Ask toolbar will take place. 
By following the above provided guidelines on how to remove Ask toolbar, the simple and easy removal of Ask toolbar can be performed.

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