Monday, April 28, 2014

Remotely Uninstall Yahoo And Google From Command Line

All of the computer users hate the dreaded toolbars that seem to be installed in your computer without your knowledge or consent. The toolbars that are installed in your PC will eat way the available screen space and will make browsing difficult. They can also make your computer slow. The Yahoo and Google toolbars are two among the most common toolbar programs that are installed in your computer without your knowledge.

If you are wondering how to remove Yahoo toolbar, you can follow the steps that are discussed below to get rid of the Yahoo toolbar that is installed in your computer.

Save Google Toolbar VB Script

As the first step, you will have to make two VB scripts or a combined one, but this batch works for two separate files.


Save the file in a central location from where you can copy the file.

Save Yahoo Toolbar VB Script

You can follow the same steps that you have done for the Google toolbar.

Make The Batch File

Now you will have to make the batch file that will execute the scripts on the remote PC. You will have to do the following editing in the batch file if you wish to tailor the batch file to your environment.
  • The batch file makes a mapped drive to X: If X is in use already, you can designate some other drive letter that is not in use.
  • Change the server location to where you have stored the vbs files.
  • Give names to the batch files, for example YahooToolbarRemove.vbs and GoogleToolbarRemove.vbs.
Run The Batch File

Once you have entered the server location of the VB scripts into the batch file, save the file and then launch it. It will ask for the name of the PC. You can type in the basic computer name like Acer 123 and then hit the Enter key. At this point, it will ask for the toolbar that you wish to remove. You can type in the corresponding number and then hit the Enter key again.

The Yahoo and Google toolbars will be uninstalled with these steps. After hitting the Enter key, it will take you back to the menu to remove the other toolbars or to exit from the program.

Now you may have got the answer for the question how to remove Yahoo toolbar. If you have any more doubts, you can contact our tech support team.

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