Thursday, September 19, 2013

Top 10 Tips For Troubleshooting Microsoft Office Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager used by many people across the globe. There are so many issues that pop up in Outlook that may trouble you; here are the major ones among them.

Outlook support: Stay away from Outlook issues
  1. Archive - To the rarest cases, PST files might build up so large into an archive to cause trouble to Microsoft Outlook. In such a case, Scan PST is surely going to help you.
  2. Scan PST - PST files building up over time would culminate Outlook processes without any doubt.
  3. Delete/repair profile- Try to uninstall and reinstall Outlook, when you start experiencing Outlook errors. In case of connecting with Exchange server or IMAP account, delete and repair the profile, which is surely going to help you.
  4. Disable all add-ons - A lot of add-ons on your system can cause you a lot of troubles with Microsoft Outlook functioning.
  5. Rename OST - A plenty of Outlook issues could be solved by renaming the current OST files; this is actually taking advantage of the locally cached data file. You would be able to give Outlook a brand new look upon next start-up by rebuilding the .ost file. 
  6. Safe mode - As you already know, safe mode is a great option to perform troubleshooting. 
  7. Adjust calendar permissions - If you get an invitation from someone in Outlook to use his or her calendar, without editing features for their appointments, change their permissions as desired. To do this, open Calendar in Microsoft Outlook and you need to right click on the calendar that is shared. Go to Properties option, after which you need to click on the Permissions tab. 
  8. Migrate PSTs from the server - It would be better if you can move files as an archive to C drive of a local machine to improve performance. 
  9. Run with resetnav- If you run the command outlook.exe /resetnavpane, all the Outlook navigation pane customizations will be reset. The Outlook navigation pane consists of the left pane that holds folder hierarchy and the app buttons. 
  10. Disable virus scan- There are many antivirus tools that have Outlook connector, which is designed to scan emails as soon as they arrive in your system. Outlook delays could have happened due to functioning of such programs in your computer.
Hope the Outlook support instructions on troubleshooting problems with Microsoft Outlook helped you in the right way.

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