Thursday, May 2, 2013

How To Customize Outlook Web Access

If your Enterprise or Office hosts a Microsoft Exchange Server, Outlook web access feature allows you to read or send email messages, manage your contacts, address books and calendar entries online. The Outlook online access also allows the user to customize their Outlook application, including setting up out-of-office messages, junk mail filters and message signatures. Follow the simple steps below  to customize Outlook web access to suit your preferences and tastes.
Outlook settings instructions to customize Outlook web access
·         Switch on your device and log on to your administrator account.
·         Use your exchange server details, username and password to log into your Outlook Web Access website. Launch the browser application installed on your computer.
·         To open the browser application, double click the shortcut link on the desktop home screen. Alternatively, launch the same from the Start menu pop up. Click on the Start orb placed in the bottom left corner of the home screen. From the Start menu instant pop up; select the label that reads All Programs. From the All programs sub menu, select the browser application that you want to launch.
·         Move the mouse pointer and right click the address bar field. Enter your Exchange Server address into the text field, and press the Enter key to initiate the search. Alternatively, you may use the green arrow placed next to the address bar to initiate the search. If you do not know the details of your exchange server, contact your system administrator, or the individual who knows the details of the same.
·         From the exchange server window, find the label that reads Options. You will find the label placed on the far left end of the screen.
·         Select the label that reads I’m currently out of the office, to make the application display an out-of-office message. The Outlook application will automatically send this as the reply to any new message, or to the contacts that fall under this category.
·         Check the box next to the field Filter Junk E-Mail to enable the junk mail filtering feature on your Outlook Web Access mailbox.
For more on customizing Outlook web access, drop into our Outlook settings blogs and open discussion forums. For further assistance, ping us online, or on our toll free 24/7 helpline number. 

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