Thursday, April 25, 2013

Customize Folders Look In Windows

Have you been wanting to change the looks of the folders icons on your computer system? You want to try something new so that you can change the normal view of your folders, to a lively and attractive look. You can bring the necessary settings to customize the views on your computer, if you are running your computer on the Windows operating system. By altering the folder view settings, saved image files on your computer can be used to symbolize the thumbnail view of a folder, and the folder icon.
Even if you are a normal computer user, or have not tried the folder settings, you need not worry, as the Windows support number help tips will guide you in the steps to successfully bring the folder view changes. The steps are shared below, and you should follow it strictly to bring about the necessary changes.

Follow the Steps Below

Open the Windows Explorer and go to the folder where you want to bring the necessary changes.
Place the mouse cursor on an empty space in the folder, and right-click on it. A drop-down menu will appear, and you have to click on the Properties option. This will display the Folder Properties window; select the Customize tab by clicking on it.
In the next step, you need to choose a template for the folder that will be available in the drop-down options of template. Depending on the features associated with the template, the features such as Viewing Options and Task Links will be applied to the folder selected.
You have the option to apply or use the same template for the sub-folders by checking the box beside the label Also apply this template to all subfolders.
You can add an image file to a folder in the Thumbnails view by clicking on Choose Picture button. If you choose an image file, a folder named Folder.gif will be created by the Windows Explorer. If not, the default folder picture will be used by Windows Explorer.
To select an icon for your folder, click Change Icon button in the Details, Icons, List and Tiles view. Files with extensions like .ico and .exe, which contain icons, or a library file with the .dll file extension, can be used.
These Windows support number tips will help you to successfully change the folder and icons view on your computer. The Microsoft offers an unending number of options to customize your computer system and improve the usage.

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