Monday, March 25, 2013

Utilizing Embedded Fax In A Better Way

If you have used a fax machine, you would know the average time required to send things on it. So if you’re on a busy schedule, sending fax messages is really not something to look forward to, except of course if it constitutes a major portion of the schedule itself. If you want to get rid of the additional work, use embedded fax in Outlook 2003, which would help you to send faxes directly from the computer. Contacting Outlook Tech support will help you to get this done.

How to set up Microsoft Fax Console?

Initially you need to have Microsoft Fax console installed on your computer, and this would help you to send fax directly from your computer. If you already have this installed, move to the Control panel and click the Printer and Faxes folder. Now check for the Fax icon. If you find it, you can definitely send faxes. If you do not find such an icon, follow the below steps.
Click Start button on the desktop, and click Control Panel and then Printers and Fax.
A list of Printers and Fax machines will appear.
Choose the Add a Fax command, in the Printers task.
Following the Fax wizard will help you to complete the setup of Fax.

How to send a fax?

If you have the fax console ready, you do not require paper, fax machine or anything else to get the task done. If you have a phone connection, sending fax using just your computer is possible.
Follow the below instructions to send a fax.
Get the document opened in order to send the fax.
Select File and choose Print.
You will receive the Print option, and from the list of names, choose Fax.
If you do not find the Fax option, go to the previous section, Setting up the Microsoft Fax console.
Select OK.
The Send Fax Wizard will open up.
Select the Address Book button.
Fax number of the recipient can be double-clicked. Now the fax number gets transferred to the Fax Wizard.
Select Next.
Select the cover page that you want to get faxed, and select Next.
You would be asked whether to send fax at a later time, or right away.
Click the suitable one and select OK.
This would send your fax to the recipient immediately. If you find this task difficult, contacting Outlook tech support would help you to fix this.

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