Friday, February 8, 2013

How To Resolve Unable To Open XLS Or DOC Files In Outlook 2002 Issues?

Microsoft Outlook 2002 was available as part of the older versions of the Microsoft Office suite.  Although Microsoft Outlook released newer versions, there are a handful of people who still use Microsoft Outlook 2002. One major advantage of the Microsoft Outlook 2002 is that it can receive and open attachments. However in certain circumstances, you may not be able to open your attachment and it may display errors such as unable to open attachments, unable to open contact folders or invalid XML error, etc. This may happen either due to file dissociation issues or it may be due to the overcapacity of the Outlook temp folder. So if you are not able to open the XLS or DOC files in Outlook 2002 then follow the directions given below-    
Set the program defaults for DOC/XLS:
1. To begin, open Microsoft Outlook.
2. Open the email message that contains the DOC/XLS attachment.
3. Right click on the attachment and from the list of options, select Save As. Name your file and with Windows desktop as the location, save it.
4. Now locate the file from your Windows desktop and right click on it.
5. From the drop down menu, choose Open With and then select Choose Default Program.
6. From the list, select Microsoft Word/Microsoft Excel.
7. Open Microsoft Outlook and open the DOC/XLS attachment by clicking it.
Clean out the temp Outlook folder:
1. Select the Start button from the left of the task bar at the bottom of your desktop and click Run. In the Run dialog box, type REGEDIT.EXE and hit OK.
2. Now go to Edit and scroll down and select ‘Find…..’
3. In the Find what box, type OutlookSecureTempFolder.
4. Now select the Find Next button. You will have to find a folder location that is similar to the one given here: C:\Users\rac\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\CU8KPJWH\
5. Now again go to Start and choose Run from the resulting menu. In the Open box, paste the folder location.
Follow these instructions if you are unable to open XLS or DOC files in Microsoft Outlook and if you receive error messages such as invalid XML error or unable to open attachments. In case you require expert guidance, feel free to contact the Outlook support team to get instant help.

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