Monday, September 22, 2014

Procedure To Remove OpenCandy From Your Windows System

The problem with third party software is that every now and then, some undesirable programs may enter your system during the installation process. This usually happens because most people tend to overlook the check mark next to a recommended software install bundled with the particular third party software they want.

We may unwittingly click on next or continue without un-checking the recommended software install, which we do not want. These software programs can be annoying sometimes, as they make several useless changes to the customized settings in your computer. OpenCandy is such an annoying program.

This software exists for a specific purpose though. In this Windows tech support article, we will see more about OpenCandy and its removal.

What is OpenCandy

There are various ways to know that you are installing this clean up tool unintentionally. The easiest way to determine whether the installer uses OpenCandy or not, is to check for the OpenCandy EULA link in it. When this software programs runs in your system it collects information that includes version, country, location as well as the time zone.

OpenCandy should then end or terminate when you have completed the installation process of the software program no matter whether you accepted to include third-party offers or not. In case you have opted for some third-party offer, the OpenCandy helper application will run on your computer for a limited period. This happens mainly for verifying that the third-party offer was activated.

You need not worry though, as Windows tech support team highlights that there is an OpenCandy Cleanup Tool available online, which is specifically designed to remove any trace of OpenCandy from a Windows powered computer.

The interface of this cleaner tool is simple, which displays two buttons and a progress bar on start up. For initiating the system scan, all you need to do is to click on the start button. The progress of the scanning process is displayed on screen, so is the success or failure status message. This way, you will be able to know if the operation finished successfully or not.

Though the sly OpenCandy program may not stay in your system for long, you can anyway remove all its traces (if there is any) from your system by using the OpenCandy Cleanup Tool. However, if you bump into any issues while using the same, contact our tech support team for assistance.

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