Monday, March 24, 2014

Upgrading To The Windows 8 OS

Are you planning a software upgrade? Hoping to migrate to the new Windows 8 operating system? If you are planning to update the operating system on your computers to the latest Windows 8 OS, then you need to make sure that your machine meets all the hardware requirements of Windows 8. If you are planning to upgrade your system from the Windows 8 Preview version, then you only get to keep your personal files and nothing else. If you upgrade from Windows 7 then you can keep your Apps, Windows Settings and personal files. If you wish to know more, contact the Microsoft help line for answers to your queries.

How to upgrade to Windows 8?

Before you learn how to upgrade to Windows 8 see if your PC can handle Windows 8? As the Windows 8 operating system can run as intended only on a certain level of hardware using your old computer to run on Windows 8 may not be a great idea. Download the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant and check if the Windows 8 operating system can run smoothly on your PC. This tool will look through your hardware, apps and other connected devices and see if it can handle running the Windows 8 operating system. After the scan is completed, the program will offer a compatibility report based on which you can see if getting Windows 8 is a good idea. If the compatibility report indicates that your PC is fit for Windows 8, you will get options to proceed, which involves buying, downloading and installing the Windows 8 OS.

The Windows OS comes in two versions: Basic version and the Pro version. You can opt for either operating system version for your computer.

The Windows 8 operating system is completely different from any OS released by Microsoft. It features a brand new metro display or tile screen that puts up shortcuts to all basic programs and favorites to a single screen. You can even pin your favorite programs to the Live tile screen. Most settings have been added to the Charms bar which you can pull out by placing the cursor over to the right side of the screen.

One of the key advantages of using Windows is its faster booting time which outstrips that of conventional loading by as much as 33 percent. Get the new Windows 8 OS on your laptops or your tablets.

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