Friday, May 25, 2012

Scam Or Support Not From OmniTech

We have a new problem in the way online criminals steal a person’s identity. By posing as Internet watchdogs presenting help to people with a computer viruses they wrongly downloaded. Their real goal is to remotely gain access to your current files. This tech support hoax has been offshore for a little bit and is currently migrating to our shores.

It boils down to a phone call from someone boasting to be a software program provider Microsoft, McAfee or Norton. You will be told that your computer has a virus and in risk of losing all your data, but the caller can help if you follow their exact instructions. Only don’t do it!

What they usually make an effort to do is get you to get some software program that will deal with the virus. What the software truly does is adds remote access to your computer. This allows them to collect everything from account details, online banking balances, tax information and so on.

Some users not long ago received such calls from men with foreign accents saying that they work for your computer company, but when asked which company they work for exactly, they hesitate and instead of answering insist his or her call is urgent. These people instruct you to go online quickly so they can instruct you on how to rid yourself of the virus by letting these folks have remote access.

Users usually are directed to a domain that provides remote admission to hackers so they could obtain your details. The way targets are usually found is through online phone directories or by a dialing program that calls every possible number.
What are some things to watch out for?

A stern reminder that you have a computer virus comes by telephone or email. If you’re actually affected you’ll usually obtain a security update or a warning directly from your laptop.

Another thing to watch out for is people trying to sell you a subscription to an anti-virus program over the phone instead of on the actual website and giving your credit card information.

If you answer the call, and you hear a ringing tone on the other end and five seconds later someone talks to you, you may just have been called by a auto dialer program that has just rang for a real person to begin their sales pitch. Hang up immediately because it will cost you an arm and a leg for long distance calls.

If you think you already have been scammed then go and disconnect your computer, you’re your bank and credit card company to watch out for fraud, and take your computer to a licensed computer repair company.

Keep yourself safe!

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